Reinstall Trend Micro Maximum Security 2019

Here is how you can reinstall the latest version of your Trend Micro Security program. to reinstall Trend Micro Maximum Security 2019?

The process we have mentioned below will be applicable in the following scenarios:

  • When you’re to upgrade from an old version to the latest Trend Micro Security version
  • When you’re to transfer Trend Micro Security antivirus to a new computer
  • When you accidentally have uninstalled Trend Micro Security
  • When you have lost Trend Micro Security during system restore
  • When your Hard drive has crashed, replaced or formatted
  • When your Computer was replaced or switching pc
  • When your Operating system was reinstalled or upgraded
  • When you’re Installing without a disc
  • When you’re to reinstall the program

You will experience better performance and protection when you install the latest version of your Trend Micro Security program. Well, the program upgrade is free as long as you have a valid subscription.

To install the latest version of your Trend Micro Security program, go through the following process:

Step 1: Find a copy of your serial number

Step 2: Carefully see that your computer meets the system requirements

Step 3: Now Run the Reinstall Tool

Download and run the reinstall tool according to your program version:

Step 4: Click the download button below based on what you want to download:

Serial Number Starts with an ‘X’

Maximum Security

Serial Number Starts with a ‘P’

Internet Security

Serial Number Starts with an ‘A’

Antivirus+ Security

If your serial number starts with a “T”, contact Best Buy’s Geek Squad or your Internet Service Provider, depending on where you got the program.

Step 5: You’re to double-click on the reinstall tool to run it.

Step 6: Now Click on OK when you see the prompt below:

This process will download files needed to reinstall your program.

Step 7: Click on I accept the terms of the license agreement, when you agree then click Next.

Step 8: Click on Install.

Step 9: On the Module Update window Click OK.

Step 10: Click OK when you see the message saying

“Installation successful!”

Click on OK to restart your computer.


You must click OK on the prompt to continue the installation.

DO NOT manually restart your computer.

Hold on as the installer checks your computer

After your computer restarts, hold on till when Trend Micro checks if your computer is compatible for installation.

Step 11: Enter your Serial Number now click Next.

Go through the Privacy and Personal Data Collection Disclosure

Carefully go through the Privacy and Personal Data Collection Disclosure, then click on Next button.

Step 12: Carefully go through the License Agreement then click on Agree and Install.

Step 13: Hold on as the Trend Micro program completes installing.

This may consume a couple of minutes.

Step 14: Click on Finish.

Once activated, you will get to see the main console of Trend Micro Security.

Your protection upon installation is configured for optimum protection and safeguard your computer or device.









If their is any problem in reinstalling trend micro maximum security then just go throw the following procedure and our support team will content you within a seconds:


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