How to remove Trend Micro without a password

How to remove Trend Micro without a password

The legacy applications and security programs often want a password while uninstalling, so does Trend Micro! Trend Micro security is an antivirus provider that is quite good at providing protection against malware but if you are no longer using it and want to delete it then you would be asked to provide a password. The password is given in the user manual that you might already have if you have purchased an authorized version of it. In case you do not have the password then there are a few other ways you can adapt if you are wondering how to remove trend micro without a password. You can try and use the default password that is admin123/trend123. If this does not work then you should contact the Trend Micro Support team. You will find all the necessary details here.

Trend Micro support team provides 24/7 customer services to resolve any kind of technical errors and issues raised by its users. Solutions to various errors and problems are available online where various websites provide instructions to help you resolve issues by yourself. But more than half of them are not reliable and might not bear any fruitful result instead might complicate the issue further. So it is always safe to contact your vendor first in case of errors that occur with your antivirus software. The technical support that your vendor provides is more professional and is backed by their team of experts. You can be assured that your problem will be efficiently solved and quickly!

Trend Micro 24*7 Technical Assistance|

If you wish any of info concerning Trend micro antivirus, then take the assistance by business the Tollfree Trend Micro assistance (+1-844-237-3624). You may contact the official trend micro support number or you click on CHAT assistance for instant help.

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