How to install trend micro antivirus in iOS device?

How to install trend micro antivirus in iOS device?


To add an iOS device under your Trend Micro Antivirus, follow the below step by step process:


Step 1: Open the Trend Micro Security main console by either of the following methods

Option 1 Double click the Trend Micro icon on your desktop


Option 2 Double click the Trend Micro system tray icon (at the bottom right side of your computer, near the computer clock).

Step 2: Click on Protection Another Device displayed at the right bottom of the page.

Step 3: Click on Add a device.

Step 4: Click on iOS icon under Add a device.

Step 5: Now you are to select how you want to share the Trend Micro Best Buy Security (mostly you’ll see 3 options)

Option 1 Send an email

Option 2 Copy link

Option 3 Scan QR code

Step 6: Tap on Install.

Step 7:  Tap on Open after installation is done.

Step 8: Click on Continue option on Privacy and Personal Data Collection Disclosure.

Step 9: Accept the License Agreement, once you read it.

Step 9: Tap on Next then on Done.

Step 10: Now Tap Set Up Account to activate the subscription, then sign in to your account.












If their is any problem,then Download Trend Micro Antivirus from here:

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